University Automation System

Automating the University
XO Product

eUniversity is a University Automation System, especially designed to manage and control all aspects of a University.

Streamline all processes from enrollment, entrance tests, registration, fee structure and deposition, studies, examinations, results, co-curricular activities, record and account maintenance, monitor performance and growth and much more…..

eUniversity different from available alternatives, as our product offers greater flexibility and customization. User can define the flow of the application, as it suits best to the concerned system. It also offers unmatched scalability and robust solution.

eUnivesity is devised to bring a mercurial change to the present academic setup and to reduce the overheads. It creates a centralized database of all information and a repository of all educational materials like tutorials, notes and assignments. It maintains and manages information from enrollment of a student till he/she becomes the Alumni.

Key Features of eUniversity:
Student Portal:
  • Online Enrolment
  • Fee strucure (by cash / by cheque)
    • i. Mode of payment (installement 1year / 2year / 3year)
    • ii. Payment due date
    • iii. Time table (view / download)
  • Assignment (view / download)
  • Online examination
  • Sheeting arrangement- view only
  • Result (view / download)
  • Alumni

  • Parent portal:
  • Student attendance (view only)
  • Student performance report card
  • Book appointment

  • Teacher's portal:
  • Online Attendance
  • Upload Assignment
  • Upload Notice
  • Upload Time Table
  • Upload Report Cards
  • View Student Performance / Attendance
  • Upload Event Information